Eliza and Guys wedding

Arranging flowers for Eliza and Guys wedding at Athol Hall was an absolute delight.

Using an abundance of foliage submersed with loads of seasonal white blooms on the banquet style tables and suspended arrangements from the beams transformed the venue instantly.

Here are some of my most favorite pics from their wedding







Common name: Butterfly Bush
Botanical name: Buddleja or Buddleia
Season: Summer, autumn, and spring

Named after 17th Century botanist and taxonomist Adam Buddle “butterfly bush” are more commonly recognised as bushes but a few of the taller varieties qualify as trees.

These fragrant plants attract butterflies, bees and moths and so are often seen gracing the landscape of butterfly gardens. They vary in form and shape but are mostly a cluster of small blooms which come together to create a tubular shape ending in berry like buds.

Available in an abundance of colours including reddish purple, dark purple, pure pink and orange and yellows, they add gorgeous texture, scent and form to floral arrangements.





Common name: Gardenia
Botanical name: Augusta or Florida
Season: Summer


Gardenias are a versatile flowering shrub which is known for their uniquely exquisite sweet perfume, instantly creating a romantic atmosphere.


Their fragrant and beautiful creamy white flowers can be seen from late spring to late autumn (November to May) with their best flowers flushing in the months leading up to Christmas.

As cut flowers they can be easily picked to use in posies and buttonholes (but great care is recommended as their delicate white petals can bruise and yellow easily)




Anemones are in season and looking more beatuiful than ever. Available in an abundance of rich primary and pastel tones, these beauties can be found both in Autumn and Spring.

The name anemone comes from anemos, the Greek word for wind thus giving Anemone the name wind flower, because as the wind blows the petals are forced open and then eventually are blown away completely.

Broadly, there are three types of Anemone flowers-

Spring flowering type, which has either rhizomes or tubers.
Tuberous Mediterranean, which flowers in spring and summer.
Larger Fall flowering type, which blooms in late summer to fall and tends to have fibrous roots.

Popular species of Anemones and their common names are as follows:

Anemone blanda – Blue Anemone
Anemone coronaria – Poppy Anemone
Anemone hupehensis – Chinese Anemone
Anemone hupehensis var. japonica – Japanese Anemone
Anemone narcissiflora – Narcissus Anemone
Anemone nemorosa – Wood Anemone
Anemone ranunculoides – Yellow Woodland Anemone/buttercup anemone
Anemone sylvestris – Snowdrop Windflower
Anemone canadensis – Canada Anemone
Anemone fulgens – Scarlet Windflower
Anemone pulsatilla – Pasque Flower
Anemone apennina – Apennine Windflower

Janine’s Bouquet

Janine’s bouquet was undoubtably going to be a sure winner. Combining three timeless flower varieties to create a very classic bouquet.




Wreaths accompanied Cropley House’s candelabras and hurricane vases. Featuring the clean and elegant calla lilies which worked beautifully together with some gorgeous and full petalled Antarctic rose blooms, touches of the delicate star shaped dendrobium orchids came together for a seamless white and elegant look.


All of these classic white beauties combined with the addition of polished camellia foliage against Janine’s navy blue and silver themeing could not have worked better!






Common name: Hellebores
Botanical name: Helleboreae
Season: Late Winter and early Spring


Various species of this genus originated in Europe and Asia with the greatest concentration of species occurs in the Balkans and comprise of approximately twenty species.
The helleborus species are mostly low-growing compact plants. The simple, five-petalled, bowl-shaped flowers appear from mid-winter through to spring and occur in unusual shades of green, dusky pink, and maroon, as well as white. At the centre of the flower are yellow stamens. The flowers are backed by long-lasting petal-like sepals that persist well after the flower has died and which often continue to intensify in colour.
Hellebores are widely grown in gardens for decorative purposes. They are particularly valued by gardeners for their winter and early spring flowering period; the plants are surprisingly frost resistant. Also of value is their shade tolerance.


Cymbidium Orchids

cymbidium orchidedited

Common name: Boat Orchid
Botanical name: Cymbidium Orchid
Season: Winter

These winter orchids are available in a fantastic range of multifaceted single and bi colours including reds, yellow, green, ivory, and my all time favourite bronze! Known for their amazing longevity (a potted bloom can last up to ten weeks and a cut bloom up to three weeks), these waxy textured orchids can withstand extreme cold temperatures and are beautiful as cut flowers and potted plants. As cut flowers it is best to purchase or choose a stem of full open blooms as the buds are most likely not going to open.

roses and orchids

As a potted plant they can thrive indoors but a good source of light and good drainage is highly recommended. To encourage flowering avoid over watering and a show of dark green leaves can indicate that the orchid is sitting in too much shade.

Cymbidium orchids are among the oldest horticultural orchids in the world. They were mentioned in a manuscript from the Chin dynasty in China, about two hundred years before Christ and even Confucius mentions them, calling them the king of fragrant flowers.

orchid buttonhole

Springfield House

I felt compelled to select lots of rich burgundy and warm tones to counter the winter cold in these latest creations for springfield house. I was delighted to come across some Julia roses which are typically not available around this time of year as well as some beautiful red and yellow centered camellia.

I hope these creations will help inspire especially for patrons who are interested in holding their function at Springfield House soon, enjoy!


IMG_0978 (1)


A wreath arrangement filled with lots of textured foliages, Julia and champagne roses, succulents, camellia blooms and snapdragons


Medley of interesting props including sparrow tea lights and bud vases on a bed of moss


A large fishbowl vase of natives, sticks and alstroemeria with some champagne roses

Close up of beautiful Julia roses

A close up view of my favorite Julia roses

boxed arrangement

Wooden box featuring deep red toned blooms including alstroemeria,roses, tiger lilies, hydrangea and snapdragons

Springfield House

Beautiful Springfield House


tulips in season


Common name: Tulip
Botanical name: Tulipa
Season: Early Autumn to Late Spring

Available in a wide array of colours there are currently over one hundred recognised tulip varieties to choose from. Within these varieties you can discover double tone, double petal, and feather petal varieties. Tulips are a bulbous plant which grow on single stems, each blooms typically carries, depending on the variety six to twelve petals

feathered tulip

In the 17th century tulips in Holland could cost more than an Amsterdam home. They were a sign of high status. Tulip trade at that time was prolific and for that reason one of the common misconceptions is that the tulip originated in the Netherlands, when in fact their origins can be traced to parts of Africa and East Asia.

An interesting fact when buying tulips as cut blooms is that they will continue to grow in water and usually last between seven to ten days, and will bend and grow towards sources of natural light.


Some ideas which have been floating around in my head for ages finally materialized this week, just the right amount of flowers and seasonal beauties including dahlias, veronica, lilies, roses, carnations, reed grasses and my favourite foliages came together for this new batch of ideas. These photos feature a mix of maple and borrowed props from Cropley House

A photo of the aftermath of this latest brainstorm session :)

A photo of the aftermath of my latest brainstorm session

Cube vase with posy and sparrow tea lights

Cube vase with posy and sparrow tea lights

candelabra and lilies

candelabra and lilies

Lotus vase and dahlias

Lotus vase and dahlias

Sparkly cylinder and wreath

Sparkly cylinder and wreath