Janine’s Bouquet

Janine’s bouquet was undoubtably going to be a sure winner. Combining three timeless flower varieties to create a very classic bouquet.




Wreaths accompanied Cropley House’s candelabras and hurricane vases. Featuring the clean and elegant calla lilies which worked beautifully together with some gorgeous and full petalled Antarctic rose blooms, touches of the delicate star shaped dendrobium orchids came together for a seamless white and elegant look.


All of these classic white beauties combined with the addition of polished camellia foliage against Janine’s navy blue and silver themeing could not have worked better!




Mary Anne and Denne

When I met Mary Anne I was delighted to find out that she was interested in using untraditional wedding blooms, and not long after our first meeting we quickly discovered a shared love of water lilies. The biggest challenge was to keep the water lilies open, candle wax held the more stubborn lily petals in place.

Here are some photos from Mary Anne and Denne’s wedding album. After so many years, reflecting on these photos I remember so well the joy I took in working with these uncoventional blooms and so grateful to MaryAnne and Denne for allowing me to share with everyone these beautiful photos


Mary Annes wedding cascade posy featuring water lilies, orchids, corder line and anthurium leaves together with some wired pearl embellishments provided by Mary Anne



I think we can all agree that this pair are a very gorgeous couple!


Gorgeous flower girl holding a posy bouquet of lisianthus, bouvarida and alstroemeria


Rebecca and Mark Paton

In the process of getting Maple Florists new website underway I uncovered some unread emails including an email from Rebecca, a lovely bride from back in 2006!

Gorgeous lilies

Gorgeous lilies

Rebecca holding a cascade of lilies and orchids with some corderline and xanadu foliage

Lilies and roses

Lilies and roses

Pastel pink lilies and avalanche roses for Rebeccas bridesmaids

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

Elicia and James wedding

Maple Florist, Elicia and James wedding

Elicia and James had up to 30 guest tables that needed decorating and in keeping with their garden white wedding theme, the choice seasonal choice of feature flower was an easy one. White hydrangea’s together with some interesting textured chincherees and a touch of dusty pink and cream roses.

The reception venue was at the elegant Fontana Amarosa. A dream venue for suppliers because of the easy access and ample parking!

Maple Florist, Elicia and James wedding

Incorporating peonies was a must for Elicia’s bridal posy, their beauty is unparalleled! Peonies I think make the world a better place. And for the bridesmaids a smaller version but add to that some dusty pink roses.

Maple Florist, Elicia and James wedding

Maple Florist, Elicia and James wedding

And here is a close up of her toss posy. Featuring white roses, chincherees, camellia foliage and rice Flowers