Eliza and Guys wedding

Arranging flowers for Eliza and Guys wedding at Athol Hall was an absolute delight.

Using an abundance of foliage submersed with loads of seasonal white blooms on the banquet style tables and suspended arrangements from the beams transformed the venue instantly.

Here are some of my most favorite pics from their wedding






tulips in season


Common name: Tulip
Botanical name: Tulipa
Season: Early Autumn to Late Spring

Available in a wide array of colours there are currently over one hundred recognised tulip varieties to choose from. Within these varieties you can discover double tone, double petal, and feather petal varieties. Tulips are a bulbous plant which grow on single stems, each blooms typically carries, depending on the variety six to twelve petals

feathered tulip

In the 17th century tulips in Holland could cost more than an Amsterdam home. They were a sign of high status. Tulip trade at that time was prolific and for that reason one of the common misconceptions is that the tulip originated in the Netherlands, when in fact their origins can be traced to parts of Africa and East Asia.

An interesting fact when buying tulips as cut blooms is that they will continue to grow in water and usually last between seven to ten days, and will bend and grow towards sources of natural light.