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Chris & Kristina

By September 25, 2023Uncategorized

I had the pleasure of arranging Chris and Kristina’s whimsical wedding day. Using a flurry of classic late winter white flowers including the always so lovely peonies, geraldton wax, tulips, lisianthus and we were lucky to score Kristina’s favorite anemones which were only just coming into season.

Combining these winter blooms with various shades of pastels including quicksand and delphinium in blue hues just for the bridesmaids, placed loosely for a more non-structured feel and Kristina’s choice of velvety flowing textiles made the bouquets more impactful and luxurious!

The Taronga Center was the perfect venue as it offers such a spectacular view of Sydney’s harbor and the old world structures truly provided that touch of elegance. We also could not have asked for a more beautiful winters day, spoiled with the most perfect blue skies

For the ceremony styling, varying heights of flowers were placed asymmetrically onto gold stand columns with hints of deep blue floral and vine like foliage intertwined between them. The placing of hanging tulips were the highlight here for me

The guests enjoyed low meadow arrangements with re flexed winter white and pastel roses, carnations and dis bud chrysanthemums with filler geraldton wax, tulips and lisianthus with touches of delphinium set amongst tea light candles. Each arrangement being unique and non-uniform it really added to the romantic and whimsical theme.

To my delight on the day I saw so much added charm with the thoughtful inclusion of personalized elements by Kristina and Chris. Their puppy’s charm on the bouquet handle, animal themed guest table holders, framed couple pics and The Taronga center provided the perfect mix-and-match vintage candle ware to each table

Their day was captured so beautifully by photographers Andy and Ange. At Andymac Photography