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Meet Maple

Our story

Maple Florist, managed by Jane Lee, is a wedding and event florist based in and around Sydney. Since 1998, Jane has been offering her clients an artistic and skilled approach to producing creative designs. Natural forms and organic shapes inspire Jane’s both memorable and elegant floral arrangements.

From a young age a love of flowers and all things natural have long been a source of inspiration in Jane’s life. These interests led her to creative fields and after completing a degree in fine arts she followed her love of flowers and after some encouragement from family and close friends she felt she was ready to fuse these ideals into a workable profession, Maple Florist!

Jane has taken part in many incredible life events. These events range from a kind gesture of thanks, to the passing of a loved one, or the celebration of love between a couple. Jane has enjoyed producing large scale floral arrangements for DMK, Pages, The Teachers Education Association and The Gema Group. Maple Florist is also the recommended supplier for Cropley House, Waterview at Bicentennial Park and Springfield House. Reflecting on these moments Jane feels blessed for the opportunity to have been part of so many people’s life events.